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Shaataauh subscribes to the traditional wisdom that "mining is the key that converts dormant mineral wealth into schools, homes, ports, and other forms of capital that directly contribute to economic development."

About Us

Shaataauh Marbres, S.A., incorporated in 2001, will be the sole manufacturer and supplier in Haiti of high quality of tiles, slabs, blocks, pavers, and more, in marble, limestone, and soapstone. Based on laboratory testing, our stones possess some of the best chemical and physical composites in the world.

Shaataauh believes that with the degeneration of agriculture, only mining will help in alleviating poverty in Haiti. We have chosen the stone industry because “stones are among the basic construction materials which are extensively available, common in nature and appear at low depths. Therefore, dimension stone is not the object of huge exploration investment, nor does it permit the investment in complex exploration techniques utilized in discovering metallic ores or hydrocarbon deposit.” With today’s technological development, the cost of stone extraction and transformation has been significantly reduced. Consequently, developing Haiti’s stone industry offers a great avenue to create employment opportunities and curb poverty in the rural areas. Because of such a belief, Shaataauh devoted nearly two decades in pursuit of its long held vision of establishing a viable stone industry in Haiti.

Shaataauh Marbres, S.A. will be operated by a dedicated team with over 50 years of combined experience in the industry.

Our experienced team will strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our team’s efforts will focus on understanding and serving the specific needs and requirements of our customers.