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Shaataauh subscribes to the traditional wisdom that "mining is the key that converts dormant mineral wealth into schools, homes, ports, and other forms of capital that directly contribute to economic development."

"Bringing to the world the hidden beauty of Haiti."

Shaataauh Marbres, S.A., is in the process of raising funds to build a state of the art training center together with a transformation plant to manufacture and supply a collection of Alabaster, Limestone, Marble and soapstone. Currently, to help raise the needed funds, we are selling busts and other items made of soapstone and marble. However, once in operation, we will sell and export marble tiles, slabs, blocks, veneers, and other stone products. Shaataauh Marbres, S.A. will be unique because of the quality, textures and colors of our stones, our close proximity to the North American and Caribbean markets, our on-time delivery, our affordable prices and secured packaging. In addition, we will offer grade A stones with our state of the art processing plant.

For centuries, people have associated marble with luxury. The rich and famous have used these stones to add beauty to their homes. Now, with our labor force, our low cost and close proximity to a number of international markets, anyone will be able to experience the same awesome beauty.

Due to the high quality of our stones, our customers will enjoy eternal beauty; hence, the reason our stones will be the preferred choice of builders, architects and homeowners. Our stones will be offered in an array of colors, shapes and designs and will all be from Haiti.

We are training our labor force to ensure the sustainability and viability of the stone industry in Haiti.

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